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ARK Survival Evolved Cheats Mobile – Ancient Ambers Cheats

Smartphone games are becoming better due to the high-end performance of upcoming devices. It is easy to find that most of the PC games are available for a smartphone these days. ARK Survival Evolved is one of trending game that is also available for iOS and Android these days. You can download it free of cost and enjoy the benefit of amazing graphics and features. To progress, ARK Survival Evolved Cheats can help you obtain the required resources and progress faster. Let’s start by following all the tips given below.

ARK Survival Evolved Hack

Learn to interact

This game is not typical to play, but you should learn to interact properly. There are plenty of things that you can do with gestures; this is why learning such factors can play a major role. Let’s begin with this control guide.

  • To jump, swipe up, and it can also help with fly, mainly mounted and riding creature. Even it can help with the attack.
  • If you want to reload ammo or land then swiping down will help in it. Do it wisely to avoid trigging anything else.
  • In order to sprint run, just doubt tap on the screen. But, if you want to walk then tap and hold on it.

These are some basics that will be playing the major role. If you don’t want to face any sort of issue, then don’t skip the tutorial offered by developers. It can help in various manners, and it is quite a reliable option.

The next thing you should be focusing on is a currency which plays an important role. You should be collecting sufficient amount of ancient amber to progress faster and avoiding issues. With the help of ARK Survival Evolved hack, currencies are not going to cause any issue.




Two of major things of higher importance in the game is craft and build. To never face an issue, better is to craft which can be done by various methods. You can find the bag icon on the main screen, and as you tap on it, crafting menu will pop up. Tapping on an item will let you craft them, but there is need of enough resources to begin and do whatever you want in the game. It can be typical and take a little time.

Build Up

However, the building is quite a different thing here. Head over to inventory and tap on those items that you want to place somewhere else. You can hold down and drag, drop option will let you build. It will require you to double tap on items that you want to build. It is easy and definitely going to come in handy in various manners.  There is also a destruct icon to destroy whatever you build. There are many other items to pick like as sleeping bags and pick them up.

Leveling up

What’s more important than leveling up? It will let you progress faster and become the best gamer in the nick of time. As you avail resources to level up, so you need to be selective while completing quests. Not being able to obtain sufficient amount can make you stuck and chances of facing issues are higher. But, if you use ARK Survival Evolved cheats then getting rid of such issues become easier, and it is a reliable method.

Collect XP

Collecting enough amount of XP and other attributes matter a lot, and you can find health, stamina, food and such other things in the game. You can get new quests in the game by collecting enough XP, and many methods are there to skip quests too. But, it is important to level up because it helps you earn Engrams. All these factors will matter a lot while going from one level to another that’s why you should be paying attention to all.

Taming dinosaurs

The most asked question about this game is, how to tame dinosaurs? Well, it is really easy and requires a little attention. Even there are several methods to help in out. But, as we are talking about beginner level stuff, so we are choosing the easy path that you can learn without facing any sort of issue. You should be using a punching weapon. Let’s begin with the crafting of punching weapon then an unconscious dinosaur. Now, you can put the food inventory until the taming bar reaches full.

Bottom Line

Being the best gamer is not an easy thing and if you don’t want to face any sort of issue and be the best one, try to be selective in your approach. On the other hand, you can focus on earning resources to avoid getting into the issue. Spend your currencies wisely and learn to earn more. We hope our ARK Survival Evolved cheats will help you eradicate all the issues with ease, try them now.


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  1. Ark is a great game and really need amber to be able to do a lot and build in ark it’s really hard without ark to succeed or else it would be difficult and just time consuming so if you can be able to get this amber from this great website then it will make things much better trust me I have been playing ark for about a month now and I have spent so much money but with this site it’s free an amazing thing people are doing keep up the great work guys

  2. How to be good at the game, you have to practice day and night to be the champ. When people are offline destroy their base and Dino’s and harvest their meat and eat it raw. You also have to set up traps everywhere around their base and put species x plants all around it so they can never enter their base again

  3. I like playing ark because it’s fun. I get to play with others or I can play by myself. If I choose to play by myself I can go on single player mode and just farm and do whatever I want. If I want to play with others I go on multiplayer. If I want to compete with others then I play pvp and if I want to just hang out I could play pve. The reason I need this is because I want to catch up with the other players and I want bonus xp.

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