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Episode Hack – Gems and Passes Cheats 2019

Episode Choose Your Story game is based on different types of stories. The creator of this amazing game is Episode Interactive Studio, and it is available for the IOS and Android users. It is getting huge popularity because of the unique ending of each story. Also, the game is free to download; however, the players can use real money in order to acquire some specific objects.

How does game work?

The game customizes the avatar and also designs a lot of different outfits. Not only this, it develops the relationships with the favorite characters and also immerses the players in numerously varied worlds. In this, the players are also allowed to write their own story along with reading existing ones. In order to play in a better way, they can take great assistance from Episode hack.

Some popular stories

The game offers a vast range of different stories. However, there are a few which are more popular than others. If you are going to play, then you can pick any of those. In order to know about the attention seeking stories, you just need to read the below mentioned points.

  • Started With A Lie – the lie leads to the murder investigation and also the lifetime romance. The players will have to react properly when they are solving the mystery because they will be under the media’s spotlight.
  • I Married A Prince – due to the ancient family contract, the player has to marry the prince. Now the player can decide whether she wants to end up with love story or not.
  • The Baby Project – the player is going to pair with a new hot student, and during this, everything is changed. Basically, we can enjoy the breathless high school drama by selecting this story.

How to start playing?

If you are willing to play this game, then first of all complete the downloading process. After installing the game on the device, you are required to accomplish the profile. The player will have to give the answer of three questions for setting up the profile in a proper manner. Here are the questions –

  • Favorite actor
  • Favorite place
  • Favorite movie

Then, select the name and appearance of the character for starting the game. Otherwise, you can simply click on randomize. By this, the game will make the random character for playing. It is suggested to design the appearance of avatar and also take your proper time for this task.

Make sure that you are giving an eye-catching look. After this, connect the game with social network sites for connecting with your friends. Also, it will help in getting great progress as we will be able to share the stories with friends. Players can access Episode cheats for getting a great progress in the game.

Know about currency

Currency plays the most important role. There are two currencies, passes and gems, which are required for performing plenty of tasks. Also, these can help the player in buying the stories and unique outfits for an avatar. Get the guidance about currency by reading the below desired paragraphs.

Passes – it is the premium currency, and it is used for getting the entry in events and some other places. By this, we can get the chance to make some changes in routine life. Also, it is helpful in attaining the high score and for becoming one of the top participants.

Players should make sure that they are earning; otherwise, they will not get the progression easily. The game provides many different methods by which we can collect passes. When it comes to the easiest way for attaining the unlimited passes, then it is Episode cheats. In addition to this, daily login is helpful in order to gather this currency.

Gems – this is known as the premium currency, which is necessary for purchasing the required items. Also, we can unlock tasks with the use of gems. In other words, gems are essential for providing an amazing look to the avatar as we can buy outfits for them.

Moreover, there are some premium stories, which can be unlocked by using such currency. Gaining a good amount of gems will leads to better gameplay. When we have enough gems, then it will definitely help in improving the game.


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