Old School RuneScape Cheats

Old School RuneScape Cheats

Old School RuneScape Cheats – 1 year Membership Hack

If you are looking forward to an amazing game, it is better to play the Old School RuneScape. The game was released back in 2013 and is known to be created from the backup of RuneScape back in 2007. Fans have been demanding the tips and tricks, as well as the Old School RuneScape cheats to succeed in the game for a long time. The creators of this amazing game have taken it through a huge number of changes that are meant to be in favor of the players. This guide will take you through various aspects of the game and also, how you can lay it without any problem.

Old School Runescape Hack

Create your game account

It is the first and the most important step that you need to complete in order to play the game. Creating your account in the game is extremely easy, and you will not have to go through any trouble to complete it. First of all, visit the website and click the option named new user. This will automatically take you to the sign-up page of the game. You will be asked with your email address, display name, and date of birth in order to create your account.

Download and Login

After you have created your account, you need to check that the computer you are working on is running on the latest version of java. If you do not have the latest version of java, you need to install the latest update in your system. Next, you will have to download the Old School RuneScape. You need to check that you are in the free to play mode before entering your login details. You can select different modes in the game. The modes marked with the silver star are for everyone while the golden stars one are only meant for paying members of the game. After selecting the mode, you need to login to the game using the details you mentioned while creating your account.

Create your Avatar

The game allows you to create your own character according to the preferences and choices that you make. You will be able to customize your character and provide a little bit more personalized look. Choose from the various options provided and will easily be able to create the character. You are allowed to make the changes accordingly in your character’s look whenever required or wish to.

Get started

Once you are done with your Avatar’s customization, you will be directly led towards the tutorial island. Here the creators have provided you with some kind of tips and knowledge about how you can play the game easily. You will be walked through basic gameplay. You can also connect with your friends through the friend list that the game offers you. Through the tutorial, you will also be provided with some of the basic equipment that can lead you through different stages in the game.

Once you are done in the tutorial island the next destination for you will be the Lumbridge. This is the designated destination for all the new players. If you still have any kind of doubts in the game, there are some of the tutors present in this area of the game who can easily help you out. You will also be provided with the opportunity to play in one of the ironman modes that are present in this amazing game. But we recommend you only to play the ironman mode if you are a well-trained player as it is not easy for the new players. But still, you are feeling brave enough then go for it.


You will easily gain success and will improve your skills if you are able to play Old School RuneScape regularly. In case you are out of gaming currency you can also use the Old School RuneScape hack tools, these are the online tools that will help you to gain points easily and required currency in the games. The tools are available to be used without any cost and are meant to offer you unlimited funds at any time. Also, make sure to acquire some basic knowledge about the game before you begin to play.


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