So you’ve decided you love us.
Or maybe you like us a little bit.
Or maybe your just intrigued to see where we are going with all of this.
Either way you clicked on a link that says “Support” so your here to support us morally or otherwise.
Here is a quick accounting for how you can (and already do) support us, and how it is used:

You Showed up!
What is this doing for us? Well we got ya here didn’t we? So we must be doing something right… which is motivating! And makes us want to do more! Write more! Post more! Fine cool stuff to be infatuated and share with the world!
Ok so beyond the obvious ego boost, what else? Well, you are traffic, anyone you bring with you is traffic. If you were to post a long speech on your blog about what a terrible blog I have, it would essentially generate more traffic.


We are always on the lookout for graphics for the site, new and interesting material, Stuff we can use on our Facebook Page, which is looking rather empty at the moment. If you wish to submit something you can Email Us If it is an original work of your own, sending it to this email address is giving implied permission that we can use it on the site. If used in a post we will credit you there, if used in any of our page designs or for anything else that is seen a lot around the site, you will be credited in our Supporters page. If you send us something that is not yours or protected by copyright, if you know the source it should be included in your email. If its cool and worth posting about, just because its owned doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t be included. I’m a fan of writing to request permission to use a photo of “Bernard’s Beautiful and Bold Brain Statuette” or some other such piece of wonderful.
Amazon Affiliates
We have a number of great products on our Amazon Affiliates account that will pop up from time to time around the site. Amazon is cool about it… you buy something you want for a fair, affordable price, we get a tiny portion to help line the shelves of the collection. Acquiring new movies and other Zombie related oddities that are the basis for this blog is the primary function of these funds. Rarely we may need a piece of software, hardware or some other such website management nonsense.

This page will be updated regularly to reflect the needs and opportunities available to us. We will try and keep semi-regular updates about the state of the site. We have seen many a good blog get flushed by means of bored writers, skyrocketing costs, neglect and other such ills. We aren’t sure we want to play that way.

If I just send you money will you go away? No, but if you care to make a donation you can always chip in on our projects via paypal.