The Best Trading Apps from Brokers in Europe

The digital commerce market in the EU is highly developed and regulated and offers many mobile platforms that you can take advantage of. Statistics show that most traders start their businesses with mobile applications because it is convenient and profitable. For example, the mobile application MobileTrader: Online Trading has already been downloaded by more than a million users.

Why are mobile apps the future of trading?

Investing in the traditional way, with the execution of operations through a bank, is no longer so popular because servicing a mobile brokerage account for retail consumers is much easier and cheaper. In addition, banks cannot offer direct access to assets at any time, but investment platforms do. So, mobile applications give more:

●      Round-the-clock control over accounts;

●      Unique opportunities and promotions;

●      Favorable rates;

●      Flexibility in forming an investment portfolio;

●      Even beginners with relatively little capital can start a successful business;

●      Open access to libraries with educational materials and tutorials that will help you earn more.

At the same time, the apps offer great trading tools, allow you to learn successful trading strategies from other traders, and more.

The best mobile apps on the European market

The European market offers many great applications, but they all differ in functionality, convenience, and fees.


MobileTrader is a full-featured trading station where you can perform any operations: currency exchange (over 100 currency pairs available), share trading, demo trading, etc. The “News” section automatically monitors all relevant publications and helps to make decisions according to the current situation in the economy. The broker app also offers other analytical resources: forecasts, reviews, trading signals, etc. Do you doubt your own abilities? Try the strategy copy option and open a demo account before investing real money. Keep your accounts under complete control, and you will make many more successful moves.

XM MT4 Trader

The platform was created for forex trading. The application has both basic and advanced options:

●      Access to useful trading tools and quick switching between them;

●      Interactive graphics;

●      30 trading indicators to choose from;

●      Charts, timeframes, analytical objects;

●      Quotes in real-time.

You can register directly in the application, so you can trade without using a PC at all.


When it comes to the best stock trading platforms, Bitpanda immediately appears in the ranking. Here, you can buy well-known shares: Microsoft or Apple, or invest in precious metals. Working with cryptocurrencies is also possible, especially when it comes to popular coins such as Bitcoin, Solana, or Ethereum.


Even more options for working with cryptocurrencies are offered by a real giant called eToro. This is an international platform that works in more than 100 countries around the world, so trading shares or currencies here can be particularly profitable.


The platform, founded in Slovenia, has been offering traders the most up-to-date opportunities for more than 10 years, including trading in the most popular cryptocurrency pairs. Currently, the company has more than 4 million customers.

Of course, this rating can be continued by other strong players, but we are sure that if you choose one of the proposed ones, you will definitely be able to achieve your financial goal.

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